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Dear Sudoku Fan,

Like many of you, I was hooked to Sudoku Puzzles.

In 2000, a friend of mine from Japan sends me a strange puzzle. In a box of 9 X 9 grids, there were few numbers listed randomly.

"Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9" That's all she said.

“It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive!” My friend warned me!

For the next few days, I was totally stuck with the puzzle trying to solve the mystery. I was helpless without any guide or help…but I was excited. There were a few moments I feel like giving up, but I came back eventually.

She told me that the puzzle is called Sudoku. No Sudoku Tips were offer to me. I was totally overwhelmed, I was addicted.

Here’s the Sudoku Puzzle she sends me…..


For the experienced player, it may look ridiculous to take 3 – 4 days to solve this puzzle as some may even solve it within minutes.

But if you are absolutely new to Sudoku, have a busy job and only able to spent a few minutes in your lunch hours to do it…..I am sure this will be a real challenge if you are in a hurry to have it solved.

Stay cool......


The immense surge in popularity of Sudoku internationally has led to it being dubbed in the world media in 2005 variously as "the Rubik's cube of the 21st century" or the "fastest growing puzzle in the world".

Playing Sudoku is like playing Golf. You play against yourself and also challenge others in the Solving time. No cheating is necessary. Your skill can only be better and better through regular playing.

Before you proceed to solve your Sudoku puzzle:

Do you know the best way to start the game?

Do you know all the Basic Solving Strategies and the secret when
     to use Advance Techniques?

Do you know which technique is least likely to succeed?

Do you know what to do when you make a series of wrong steps?

Do you want to learn some best-kept Tips used by Sudoku
     Masters that can help to solve your puzzle within minutes?

If you are not sure, you will soon learn...



Sudoku is said to have 18th – century roots and Japanese connection.

The name Sudoku may sound like the hideous Sadako from the hit Japanese horror movie – The Ring. But Sudoku can be more terrifying than the female ghost who crawl out from the TV. It sucks up your brain cell and time.

If you are keen to trace the roots and development of Sudoku, check it out here!


In a classic Sudoku Puzzle, it consist a grid of 9 squares wide and 9 squares deep. The lines of squares running horizontally are called rows, and the lines running vertically are called columns. The grid is further divided by the darker lines into nine 3 X 3 square 'boxes'. Some of the squares already have numbers in them. The task is to fill in the blank squares.

Here's the rule of the classic Sudoku Puzzle. In fact, there's only one rule:

  • Each row, column and box must end up containing all of the numbers from 1 to 9, and each number can only appear once in a row, column or box.

This rule has an important side-effect, which is the basis of all Sudoku Solving Techniques.

There's no math involved. The grid has numbers, but nothing has to add up to anything else.

You solve Sudoku Puzzle with reasoning and logic.

Simple? Till you try your hands on it!

But make sure you stay COOL....


“Sudoku is just a game, it can be solved with plain logic and reasoning. Why need a Sudoku Guide?”…You may ask.

You may be right, but let’s look at some facts and figures…

If you allow testing for a hypothesis as a logical step then here is a logical method which will solve any SudokuPuzzle.

Based on the calculation done by Bertram Felgenhauer in 2005, the total number of possible solution for a 9 X 9 Sudoku grids is known to be 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960, which is roughly the number of micrometers to the nearest star.

Make a list of all these grids. You go through these grids one by one until you find one that fits your puzzle. At each stage you are hypothesising that "I found the right solution". This is completely logical and the method will always work. (Of course nobody would actually try this but it illustrates the point)

Now, depending on how you ordered the grids, you might finish in 1 second or in millions of years.

With hundreds of billion numbers combination to the grids, there is only one solution to each unique Sudoku Puzzle.

You see my point?

That’s why some fiendish Sudoku Puzzles drive you going crazy.

That’s the reason why you need a strategic Sudoku Guide to work on your puzzle.



Solving Sudoku is an Art. And you need some logical steps and strategies to tackle different types of puzzles…..from the basic one, to the fiendish.

Before you proceed, you may want to know some basic Sudoku Terminology, just to name a few:

  • Regions
  • Naked single
  • Hidden single
  • X-wing
  • Swordfish
  • Colour
  • Nishio....and many more!

To the newbie, this may sounds alien. I can assure you, once you get a hang of it, this is nothing.

I have to admit that I am a Sudoku fanatic. Over the years I was addicted to the Sudoku Puzzles and have solved many. Some are using my own method; some learned from other players.

With the growing passion, I have done extensive research and accompanied with my own experience, put together a practical step-by-step coaching course, called “The Ultimate Sudoku Guide.”

This eBook is extremely user-friendly. Written in plain, easy-to-understand language-with lots of graphical guides. There is no complicated instructions! This powerful and informative Guide laid out in clear and concise lessons shows you everything you need to know about Sudoku and all its Solving Techniques.

If you are as excited about Sudoku as I am and you want to discover the best-kept secrets and solving tips of Sudoku Masters, and their techniques to solve them... then this is going to be the Best Sudoku Guide you ever read.

A Powerful One-Stop Guide
For the Sudoku Fan....

The #1 Ranking Sudoku Guide

In “The Ultimate Sudoku Guide”, here are just a few of the many secrets you’ll uncover:

For the Beginner:

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Learn the Sudoku Terminology, Rules and Solving Techniques to speak the same          lingo in the Sudoku community, just like what you did in a golf club!

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Watch the graphical step-by-step lessons on Sudoku Solving Techniques and          see how puzzles are easily solved before your eyes.

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Progressive coaching on various levels of Sudoku Solving Techniques - from the          Basic, Intermediate, to the Advance.

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Master the Solving Techniques and play like a Pro within days!

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique A one-stop practical Guide saving you time and effort to research on other          incomplete resources.

For the Experienced Player

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Master the advance strategies i.e. X-Wing, XY-Wing, Swordfish and other          Sudoku Solving Techniques through proper and systematic coaching.

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Discover the quickest way to identify the “Hidden Pairs”, “Triplets” and other          complicated patterns of your puzzles.

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Learn the proper strategies when to apply the correct solving techniques.

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Upgrade your solving skills and advance yourself to the level of Sudoku Pro          within days like many others.

For the Advanced Sudoku Players:

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Discover little known strategies, tips and techniques used by Master Sudoku          Players.

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Take up the Sudoku Challenge and see how much time you clocked to solve our          challenging puzzles – from easy to fiendish.

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Participate in the Speed Challenge and be known in the Sudoku community.

Last but not least….

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique“The Ultimate Sudoku Success Resource Guide” In this special report, you         will discover:

  • Where to get your hands on good Sudoku Puzzles – both online and  printable version – for FREE!
  • Free Sudoku Solver
  • Invaluable Sudoku links to Online Downloads -Tutorials, Tips, Samples, Forums, Specific Online Research and much more!

The resources in this Special Report will save you lots of time, money and effort when you have a Sudoku question. With all the effort put into the research, this Special Report is worth at least US$47.77, and it will be my FREE GIFT to you.

Are you satisfy with the package I put forward to you?

I can easily price this exclusive Guide for US$97.00, but I am giving it to you at a Special Price if you decide to own it Today.
....this Special Price is not going to hold for long.

“The Ultimate Sudoku Guide”
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Considering the powerful strategies and comprehensive resources you will receive from this guide, the price is merely a drop in the ocean.

With the feedback given by past customers and the continual effort of improving this Guide, you will be getting the latest refine edition of “The Ultimate Sudoku Guide”.

Have fun, own your personal Guide NOW
and enter the exciting world of Sudoku.

What others have said…

"Well done! This is a very comprehensive guide. I like your graphic illustrations; it makes the complicated strategies so easy to understanding" ~ John Kenny, a Sudoku Fan.

" I enjoyed thoroughly reading your guide. I have great fun after that in solving all the fiendish puzzles." ~ Danny, a novice player, UK.

"You are right; my kids enjoy the game too! I can see that they have pick up the interest in studying math. We now have a weekly family challenge! Thanks to your Guide." ~ Susan, UK.

"It is a well written Guide. I can see the passion in you sharing the solving skills and strategies. It's definitely not one of those commercial stuff. Well done!" ~ Tom , USA .



Sudoku is no longer a game.

Though Sudoku Puzzles have become a massive craze for grown-ups, I think that kids should be allowed to enjoy them too!

Sudoku is an excellent way for kids to develop their logic skills while having fun, and children as young as 7 or 8 can begin to enjoy them. No math is needed to complete the puzzles, and no guessing should be necessary either! Children of all abilities enjoy the challenge of a Sudoku puzzle, if the puzzle is age-appropriate.

Sudoku develops your child's reasoning skills and concentration.

  • The UK government-produced Teachers magazine has recommended that Sudoku Puzzles are done in the classroom as brain exercise!
  • Kids gain huge satisfaction from completing a Sudoku puzzle.

I tried it on my children. They are both weak in math. After playing Sudoku Puzzles for a year, both their math’s grade ends up in the top 10% of the class.

There are benefits in playing Sudoku puzzles for the oldies too – as age catching up, the sort of exercise and mental workout which the brain gets from playing logic puzzles can help to stop memory decline, make them smarter and even halt the progress of Alzheimer’s disease .


As a package of my Sudoku Guide, I am offering two great bonuses that come together with your immediate order:

# Bonus 1 – Sudoku for Kids    

     (Value - $47.00)             

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique A step-by-step Kid’s Sudoku Guide to develop the reasoning and          logical thinking skill for your kids.

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique Modified Kid’s Sudoku Puzzles for your loves one, starts from easy to hard - a          great personal challenge. It is also a great mental workout for your oldies at          home and to keep them away from becoming senile.            

# Bonus 2 – Sudoku Challenge

  (Value at $49.00) 

SadMan Software Sudoku program uses this technique A selection of 20 exclusive Sudoku Puzzles, in 5 different levels – Easy,          Intermediate, Challenging, Tough and Fiendish - for your great solving pleasure.

Let me know once you have solved them all! Your results may enter the Hall of Fame!


100% Risk Free
8 weeks Money-Back Guarantee

Friend, it is my passion in this game that drives me to write this Sudoku Guide. I would like to share it with you various solving techniques and strategies - for you to enjoy the game. If you don't agree that this is the most resourceful and practical information you've ever received on the subject of Sudoku, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked. In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for 8 weeks. That's right, a good 8 weeks for you and your family to try out the Techniques or else ask (and receive) an immediate refund.

Fair enough? Decide Now and Grab Your Sudoku Guide for US$17.77.



Welcome to the club if you have decided to explore the exciting world of Sudoku.

Share the great fun of Sudoku with your family now with the Ultimate Sudoku Guide for just US$17.77.

There are other resources out there but they are just a small part of this Sudoku Guide of over 100 pages, excluding the bonuses. Which is why my "The Ultimate Sudoku Guide" is such a bargain at $17.77

Sudoku is not just a game; you will see a world of difference to the improvement of analytical and logical thinking power - not only to yourself, but to your kids, and your old parents as well.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have always wanted to learn how to play Sudoku better, faster and easier or if you are thinking about playing in a Sudoku Championship, here is “The Ultimate Sudoku Guide” that you can not afford to miss!.

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"The Ultimate Sudoku Guide
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Being a Sudoku Enthusiast, I've strong passion in this topic. I have done extensive research to prepare this Ultimate Guide for you. As my customer, if you don't agree that this it the most resourceful Sudoku Guide and practical information you've ever received, simply send me an email and I will happily refund your money in full. There is no reason for me to keep your money if you are not satisfied, it looks bad on me.

... As a gesture of goodwill, I’ll also let you keep the Guide and
all my FREE gifts. Am I being fair?

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Before I sign off, last word of warning:-

Sudoku is exciting, it is fun, and it is addictive!

Don’t blame me for not warning you in advance!

All the best, and have fun.

A Sudoku Enthusiast

PS - Why waste tens of hours ( or more ) on the trial and error method and get yourself frustrated with Sudoku puzzles. Get started immediately with this easy step-by-step Sudoku Guide. The great satisfaction of the psychological challenge lies the moment you solved your puzzle. The techniques you learned here plus regular practice will only get you better and better.

Note – Use this effective Guide to train your kids’ logical thinking power. Modify the Sudoku Puzzles progressively from easy to hard to increase the challenges. Take up the challenge to build your own unique puzzle for the kids.

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